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Confidentiality & Privacy Policy

With the exception of certain specific exceptions described below, the law protects the relationship between a client and a psychotherapist and information cannot be disclosed without your written permission. As such, I cannot, and will not, disclose to anyone what you have told me or even share that you are in therapy with me.

The following are legal exceptions to your right to confidentiality. I will inform you any time when I think I will have to put these into effect. In the event of an emergency, I will attempt to inform you before taking action. However, I will act accordingly
to address safety concerns even if I cannot reach you.

  • If I have good reason to believe that you will harm another person, I will attempt to inform that person and warn them of your intentions. I will also contact the police and ask them to protect your intended victim.
  • If I have good reason to believe that you are abusing or neglecting a child or vulnerable adult, or if you give me information about someone else who is doing this, I must inform Child Protective Services and/or Adult Protective Services immediately.
  • If I believe that you are in imminent danger of harming yourself, I will take appropriate action to address your safety. This may include contacting the police or emergency mental health service providers. I will explore all other options with you before I take this step. If at that point you are unwilling to take steps to guarantee your safety, I will take appropriate steps.
  • If you tell me of the behavior of another named health or mental health care provider that has either a) engaged in sexual contact with a patient, including yourself or b) is impaired from practice in some manner by cognitive, emotional, behavioral, or health problems, I am ethically bound to take appropriate steps to address the behavior. This may include, among other actions, a) contacting the named professional to discuss the concerning behavior and encourage action to change the behavior, and/or 2) reporting the individual and their behavior to the appropriate licensing board. If you are my client and a health or mental health care provider whose behavior falls under one of the above-mentioned descriptions, however, your confidentiality remains protected under the law from this kind of reporting.

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